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About Fishguard

Fishguard AS provides a comprehensive range of fish health services to the aquaculture industry. Broad scientific competence and knowledge of all aspects of aquaculture production allows Fishguard to be an active advisory partner for its customers.

Fishguards teams of veterinarians and fish health biologists are situated close to the fish farmers they are here to serve, with offices and labs in all major fish farming regions along the Norwegian coastline, as well as in Scotland. Their hands-on competence is the core of our services. Cluster based centers of expertise and specialization is also an important part of our strategy.

Fishguard offer accredited investigations of the environmental and oceanographic suitability for fish farming activity on proposed new sites, as well as environmental monitoring on existing sites.

Our well-equipped laboratories offer a wide range of services to the fish farming industry, including diagnostic services, smolt quality tests and sealice resistance tests. Fishguard laboratories also serve customers in the food industry, conventional fisheries and the offshore petroleum industry.

Fishguard contributes to a healthier, smarter, more sustainable and more efficient aquaculture production.

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